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Late Doors

Reginald D Hunter's Songs of the South

All the promise of something really ace. Reg D Hunter exploring the music of the South, birthplace of most of the finest music on the planet for me. Knowing him i hope there'll be some socio political input as well which as in anywhere has a massive input to the music.

Next Saturday BBC2

From The BBC Site

Reginald D Hunterís Songs Of The South is a three-part BBC Two series which sees Georgia-born comedian Reginald turn his unique wit on the world and music in which he grew up as he embarks upon an epic road trip from North Carolina to New Orleans through 150 years of American popular song.

From banjo-toting hillbilly to dirty southern hip-hop via minstrelsy and modern rock, Reg will take a picturesque journey into a great yet terrifying crucible of music, an extraordinary landscape and the bloody birthplace of America itself.

Combining specially shot performances from leading southern musicians, choice encounters and Regís sharp wit, Reginald D Hunterís Songs Of The South will be a stylish evocation of the lands, people and songs of a musical Egypt and the culture that it has left behind.

Sounds right up my Bayou LD. Ta for the heads up!

Looking forward to a bit of Buckwheat Zydeco!

fartcatcher wrote:
Looking forward to a bit of Buckwheat Zydeco!


Watched the first episode. Thoroughly enjoyable, educational, and entertaining. Nice surprise seeing The Handsome Family as well. With Reginald as the presenter he's an important part of the programmes overall appeal for me.

Enjoyed Reg's commentary. He's a large unit, isn't he? I feared for that freight train as he walked up the railway track.

First episode with its focus on the Banjo Bashing Belt not really my cup of Jack Daniels. Looking forward to next one though.

Thought Saturday's offering was a lot better. Although this may be because the music was more to my taste.

Reg looked a bit uneasy at the Southern Rawk Festival. As a black man with dreadlocks surrounded by 1000 drunken rednecks I felt for him.

Some of the music was ace. Particularly Arrested Development.

The whole programme has a nice unscripted feel to it.

Give me The Sound Of Young Scotland any day.
Late Doors

Watched the first one and thought it was as good as i hoped it would be. Funny you should mention Scotland Cuts. The immigrant Scots seemingly played a big part in the Appalachian sound that turned into hillbilly CnW music then into all that corny Grand Ol Oprey type Country i just do not like at all

Final episode took Reg down the Mississippi from Memphis to New Orleans. It was all there. Kaleidoscopic selection  included Stax soul, Bobbie Gentry, Paul Robeson, Robert Johnson, Allen Toussaint, Zydeco and Dr. John. To name but a few. No banjos either.

That's just the ones I can remember. It must be a wonderful place to visit if you love your music.

Reg went over the top a bit. Reverence verged on sycophancy in a couple of the interviews. But he seems a nice bloke and his exploration of the musical heritage undoubtedly gave him some peace with the country that he left, disillusioned, in the 90s.
Late Doors

Loved the first two so far, got that final bluesy one to go. Great to see current artists that have been to the Brudenell getting on the prog. Handsome Family, Hurray for the Riff Raff, St Paul and the broken bones, Tony Joe White to name a few gave all played round here recently.

Big Reg has surprised me as well. Didn't expect him to be so engaged and humble. Perfect for the job. More Please BBC.
Plastic Man

A tidy series, well worth a watch.

The final of the troika is definitely worth a watch.
Late Doors

Sounds like there is going to be another series, i should coco too. Been brilliant but only scratched the surface of  all that fantastic music. I feel very privileged to have visited most of the places Reg went on our own musical odysseys in the '90s . Atlanta, Athens, Nashville, Memphis, Clarksdale, the whole Delta area, Greenville Rosedale, Montgomery, Baton Rouge and New Orleans all in one glorious month summer '91. Me Si n Shaun. Everybody said watch out in the Delta area and particularly Greenville but we had no bother whatsoever there, quite the opposite in fact. That was pre blues tour days before things got touristy. We were literally the only white faces around in many places apart from the Delta blues museum and that was only because the only other person in was the solitary white attendant. Muddy Waters' home was an unmarked shack and nothing whatsoever marked the legendary crossroads where the H49 met the H61.

New Orleans was the naughty place, i didn't like it at all. Forget the legendary hospitality most people wanted to either kill you or rip you off. Every normal looking person we spoke to had a gun and the Latin quarter was a corny adult theme park. Only decent area we found was uptown in the student bit. Suppose the club Tippitinas was alright as well where we saw Buckwheat Zydeco. FC would've loved that.

Memphis was cool. Beale st was just beginning to rejuvenate, half still derelict but the other half thriving. Not the vulgar tourist trap it appears to be now. Stax studio was unmarked and bordered up in an extremely rough looking area reminiscent of a scene right out of the Wire. We only knew what it was because of the address but daren't even get out the car much to our subsequent regret but fuck me it looked hostile with everybody staring at three white lads in their Buick Le sabre.

BB king had his club well established by then and WC Handy park hosted brilliant evening gigs. I had to get on stage one night to get a prize. "And where are you from sir" the compare asked. In the distance from somewhere in the crowd i heard ' Leeds Leeds Leeds" i had that unmarked replica shirt on (leave it, i was on holiday in America right) that eventually had Yorkshire Evening Post in it for the forthcoming season. I gave the salute and said into the mic "and were going to win the league this year". Of course, we did and i always think of that moment on the stage in the sticky evening balm of Memphis whenever tales of that season emerge.

Turns out the lad in the  crowd who shouted was a German lad who went to Leeds uni. Christ, all that seems so near yet so yonder, Fucking ace month though, we should do another USA trip, in fact Wtf am i on about, we are thank you Reg for pulling it off.

Massively envious LD. Trying to get Mrs FC to agree to go but she's indicated a preference for the Brecon Beacons. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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