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Late Doors

Reeling in the Years. Mark Radcliffe

A bit of light holiday reading and a Christmas present i was saving. I've enjoyed the jovial and affable banter of the lad over the years and his taste and attitude to music. Just lately however I've become a bit resentful of what i see as professional Mancs dominating the media as spokesmen for the whole of the north. It ain't a football thing either. I quite like City and their fans and I've never associated global brand united with the city anyway. Maconie and Riley being the honourable exceptions its time they toned the manicured Manc fey working class blokey cool shit down a tad. Its ever since the bbc located there and those Gallagher boys and Anthony Wilson conned the music world into thinking it's the center of the universe. Its got its fine pedigree of course and is a great venue place but why does every fecker in East Lancs. suddenly think they are the kings of cool?

The book takes us through Marks' years on the planet year by year from birth in '58 to 2010 and selects one personally significant song from the year . It is an interesting and musically informed run through and a lot of fairly amusing ramblings and pithy commentary on the times and music. It gave me a bit more love back for the lad anyway, particularly his Thatcher years observations.

I'll give it a go. Used to like his evening show on Radio. If you emailed him he actually got back to you. Or a minion using his email account did. Introduced me to 'The Legendary Shackshakers'.

Read some of Maconie's books and found them a bit Manc focused.

I read his first book Diary of a Rock n' Roll Nobody and thought it was ok but there are a lot of these pop fan memoirs about that I have read so I might give this a miss. Totally agree LD about the Northern middle-aged-growing-up-on-cobbled-streets smugness that sometimes comes across from the lads you mention. Fine men and they know their music and Maconie's books are a treasure usually but as presenters they do get a bit tedious on occasion. Forum Index -> Fishy Tales
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