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Just got through the first season of the little gem (currently in its fourth season).

The series is based around a chap who is let out of prison after 19 years when DNA puts doubt on his conviction for murdering a teenager (he was a teenager at the time). He goes back to his home town (where the murder took place) and this slow pace series build up his character and those of his family (and new family as he has a step father and brother). Possible killers are also brought in to the story. Of course there is the nasty original prosecutor who is hell bent on ensuring his name isn't blackened.

But overwhelmingly where this series wins is that you cannot be entirely sure that the main character is innocent. There is always that nagging doubt in your mind.

Well worth a watch

Just one warning - although there are no full nude scenes in it the wanking scenes (of which there are plenty) are quite graphic!

Just watched the final (ever) episode of this brilliantly written series.

This is a very deep series with so much going on. And it doesn't fail to deliver. Including the ending. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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