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Is there any way of being able to bring up 'recent posts' as well as 'show post since last visit'?
Tank Girl

for god's sake dont ask them to set anything complicated like that up. look what happened last night and that was just because Pan's Labyrinth was in Spanish and PL got "a bit bored"

What do you mean 'Them', I'm the daft Pollock that has to sweep up after him.

By showing recent posts, do you mean those that are posted while you are logged on and maybe looking at another thread?

I won't be drawn into domestics  hgfhjgfjgfj -

I mean the last 12 hours of posts (or whatever length of time is deemed reasonable)

Just added something now, it's at the bottom of the main index page, it's set to 1 day and 7 day let me know if you want anything different.

Perfect, thanks

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