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Late Doors

Real Scroungers

Right, no inference, I'm starting a thread about real scroungers. I'm  a bit sick about horrible (non) working class people getting demonised and pilloried by the media and their rich powerful paymasters as some kind of life sapping monsters draining our lives.

Like these scumbags for instance working for the RBS setting up fake companies using their own banks facilities to borrow 3m pound under false names

Austin Mitchell as always put the issue better than I can speaking in the radio times about media depiction of the working class

specifically this

This is a monstrous travesty of reality and concentrates hatred on the least well-educated, most deprived. TV doesn’t even balance it with shows on the scandal of massive tax evasion and avoidance by corporations and the rich, the luxurious life- style of the City and Taxhaven on Thames or the excesses of the Wolf of Wall Street.
Think again, Channel 4. Why not turn the cameras on the bankers punishing the poor, with Benefits Bankers, Tax-Evading Toffs and Fiddling Financiers? When is television going to do its job and take on all that? All it needs is guts and a sense of fairness.

Strangely enough, there is a programme about tax evading toffs.

Life is Toff (ha ha)

However, they are portrayed as lovable eccentrics rather than inbred parasites.

As everybody reading this knows, control of the media is essential to gaining/maintaining power.

If the pigs feed from the same trough...
Late Doors

Tough times like this when we are all in it together demand belts to be tightened. Tax breaks for billionaires have to be found somehow. Disabled people need penalising and working people have to be squeezed. Well most working people that is. When you work in a tory council in the tory prime ministers constituency why not give yourself a 17% rise. You can always close another child care center to pay for it.

another one

and in the NHS

Public money pissed away on bonuses and management consultants while staff have to make do with 1% pay rises.
Late Doors

best not mention this evil looking twat lest he sets about me.

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