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Late Doors

Real Estate. Brudenell Social Club.

What a top band this lot are. Two guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, vocals and tunes a plenty. Got to the Brude after the fine feed in reds and the horror show at Elland road reduced from boiling froth to simmer. Good to see Mr and Mrs Butts down at the front in their usual position and the band demonstrated their burgeoning popularity and confidence by coming on half hour later than scheduled.

Fourth time at the Brudenell for the band who clearly enjoy the place and seemed to be determined to have fun. In fact they did a kind of sweepstakes with the crowd. They wrote the name of every song they have and put the papers in a glass fir a member of the crowd to pick out randomly for them to play. It worked but why wouldn't it. This band have a treasure chest full of guitar pop gems, crafted with style and delivered with a seemingly effortless panache that defies the guitar complexities.

The lead guitarists Matt Mondanile is the standout. Young, ridiculously young, could be one of our apprentices but his guitar licks are sublime melodic slices of joy. Took me right away from the pain if the afternoon.

Can't say they are truly original but they take some fantastic influences and create something instantly recognizable as real estate. Now at the risk of antagonising our 60s connoisseur brother Dock ill throw in the Velvets, mid 60s Beatles, the Shadows and the Byrds with other west coast touches. Then a bit of New Order and early Stone Roses. There are probably more brilliant influences but they do justice to them all by blending them with feeling before adding their own hooks and melodic stories to produce a set of thoughtful uplifting indie pop.

What a fab day only marred by our heroes in white and its testimony to this ace band that they wiped them away with ease.


They were quite brilliant, made very complex music sound awfully simple and the feeling of joy in the room was palpable. A terrific Brudenell crowd (yet again) that generated a great atmosphere, it really is a special place and you can see why musicians just love it.

Young lads not just re-packaging old music but absorbing, dissecting and re-making it in a way that the likes of McGuinn, Clark, Marvin and Reed would regard as the most wonderful honouring of their original creativity. As I said on the way out, it's what MUSIC is all about.

Sounds really interesting and a heady mix of influences. Do they have any long players worth purchasing? If a band garners such a positive reaction from both Butts and LD they must be a classy proposition. Re: "Truly original" I agree with Gambo. Everybody is influenced by somebody or we wouldn't have all those great songs down the years would we. Sometimes I might seem churlish on here regarding 100% musical regurgitation but only if a new band are totally carbon-copying an old sound or style without anything of themselves thrown in.

Here's a bloke who's music I'm enjoying at the moment who gives a respectful nod to the past. An Australian called Pat Capocci. Rockabilly and some nice country-picking a la Chet Atkins but he has his own sound. Music is all about borrowing from the best. It just when people borrow and they claim it as their own that I get sniffy.


How lucky was he to find a guitar with his name already on it?

Grind wrote:
How lucky was he to find a guitar with his name already on it?

Same kind of luck as the founding fathers. Set off from Plymouth, sailed to America, and landed at Plymouth Rock. What were the chances. Some fucking coincidence if you ask me...........I know you won't. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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