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Late Doors

Reading (h) championship 1/10/14

Right then, season starts proper now, for me at least. Can't say i know who's who yet, how they play, the subs or anything. I've only had a cursory eye on things but the little I've seen and read suggest we at least have decent players, a desire to play football and some good young lads. We'll have a good look at 'em tonight.
Sir Bulldog Craggwood
Frazier Cranium

I await LD's report with interest.  For a 0-0 draw and with few Leeds chances, I actually found myself quite intrigued and entertained by this match
Late Doors

Not doing the usual reportage Codge, still not got the will. Plenty of feeds available and extended highlights these days. Plenty to say though and like you i enjoyed the game. Not much blood and thunder but intriguing is good word to describe it.

Game of two halves as they say. Cooper at left back rather than Warnock who i think has been excellent this season was certainly intriguing. Center halves can defend ok at full back but they nearly always nullify any attacking options or overlapping. He did ok against a good winger who also gave Sam a hard time when he switched wings.

The first half was a good game of football between two similar sides. We had the edge i think in terms if possession and position. We passed it well, kept hold probed and came close to finding the killer end pass without actually making the keeper save anything. I'm not too concerned at this stage that we didn't get many shots on goal. We are still building and working on our new passing game. It's very fine margins getting the clinical fluency this kind of game demands and that will only come in time. Getting shots on goal is easy as is getting the ball into the box but it's clear cut chances we need to create and  decisive finishing. Again that should come in time providing we don't panic and demand wasteful balls pumped into the box.

Reading too were passing well but we had lots of energy in front of our box and we defended well. The lad at CH Bellusci ? looks a class act, just what we need. Under his marshalling i think we could build a solid back line.

Reading came out for the second half obviously with a kick up their arses and  orders to harass and close us down in the middle especially. This they did and stultified our game. Not only that but got on top and  looked the more likely to score but again good defending kept them mostly at bay.

We had no answers . All the midfield were giving away possession under pressure especially the two young lads. Both are still very young and could not muster the physical strength or toughness to overcome the pressure Reading were putting them under. Bianchi was able to at least get a foot in and make simple passes and Sloth was at least not giving it away in dangerous positions.

Murphy then Austin came on then Billy and eventually we looked like we could cause them problems. Billy had a shot on goal after some good work and had a half chance but could not find the space. . Austin was getting into good forward positions on the ball to his credit but couldn't pick out the decisive ball.

Thankfully Reading seemed happy with the point and quite easily saw out the game. I too was happy with the point. They would have beat us this time last year no doubt.

Bellusci, Bianchi and Silvestre all look like good signings. I think we're going to get better, not worse, once the team get to know each other and they've sorted out the 'incisive final ball' issue. Forum Index -> Leeds
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