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it's possible that humans can attain ranks after certain amounts of posts.

Any ideas or not bother?
No Heart Anthony

Rank   -  - Translation
Reichsleiter Reich Leader
Gauleiter District Leader
Hauptbefehlsleiter Head Command Leader
Oberbefehlsleiter Senior Command Leader
Befehlsleiter Command Leader
Hauptdienstleiter Head Service Leader
Oberdienstleiter Senior Service Leader
Dienstleiter Service Leader
Hauptbereichsleiter Head Area Leader
Oberbereichsleiter Senior Area Leader
Bereichsleiter Area Leader
Hauptabschnittsleiter Head Section Leader
Oberabschnittsleiter Senior Section Leader
Abschnittsleiter Section Leader
Hauptgemeinschaftsleiter Head Community Leader
Obergemeinschaftsleiter Senior Community Leader
Gemeinschaftsleiter Community Leader
Haupteinsatzleiter Head Action Leader
Obereinsatzleiter Senior Action Leader
Einsatzleiter Action Leader
Hauptbereitschaftsleiter Head Readiness Leader
Oberbereitschaftsleiter Senior Readiness Leader
Bereitschaftsleiter Readiness Leader
Hauptarbeitsleiter Head Work Leader
Oberarbeitsleiter Senior Work Leader
Arbeitsleiter Work Leader
Oberhelfer Senior Helper
Helfer Helper
Pond Life

Thats naughty, i like it  
Jones the Steamed

Now that I'm orange can you propel me as far as Obergemeinschaftsleiter as it'll make it look like I've got a big dick but I don't want to go as far as Oberabschnittsleiter cos they're obviously all grassers.

Thank you.
Pond Life

Unless you request otherwise you have your own rank which is Welsh Wizard.

Under your name above your avatar
Jones the Steamed

Fuck me I'm ignorant.

Obergemeinschaftsleiter bit of a mouthfull anyways.

Ta la.
Pond Life

Jones the Steamed wrote:
Fuck me I'm ignorant.

You miss things like that if you have a small dick
Jones the Steamed

Thats me knackered.

Pond Life

I do like that track.
Pond Life

Yes i was thinking along those lines then i thought it might just all be a bit silly. Thats when i thought it was perfect.
Pond Life

I'm keeper of the tank, we have a Welsh wizard and a tech man, if you would like your own shout me.

Extreme Fister, I like it Clacker. Forum Index -> Clean the tank
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