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Racist... or not?

Old news I know.

Kelvin McKenzie has a go in the Sun comparing Ross Barkley to a Gorilla.

It all kicks off when it's found that Barkley has African heritage. Would McKenzie has lost his job if he had compared a player with purely Caucasian heritage to a Gorilla?

No he wouldn't. Yet the insult would have been identical.
Late Doors

Well it wouldn't be identical would it. "Gorilla" has been a racist slur throughout the ages used to de humanise black people. Everyone knows that and therefore everyone is aware of the connotations and to pretend otherwise is a tad ingenious at best.

Secondly the original piece so I gather (I must confess I haven't read it) was a typical media attack on working class Britain and Liverpool in particular. What we should expect from the Sun and him and it's what make them and him despicable.  They have obviously left him High n dry over some internal dispute and like the true nest of scumbags they are have stitched him up. He didn't write the piece specifically for major headlines, he sent it to editorial. Don't tell me Editorial haven't amended countless pieces in the past with such potential offensiveness. I mean Gorilla for fucksakes, the very word should be enough to sound off alarms. That is what they do, that is their job. Nah, they deliberately let it through and heaped the shitstorm on their former friend. This is what people like they do and they deserve each other. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't a racist, I don't know. What I do know is that he and his former employers are  professional hate mongerers  purely interested in stirring up tensions, suspicions and divisions in society, especially their target readership

'Gorilla' has connotations irrespective of ethnic background and was intended in the piece to be disrespectful and insulting towards RB regardless of his ancestry.

Does he have the right to insult on grounds of colour?
Late Doors

Nobody has the right to insult anyone on the grounds of colour or any other grounds based on what people are through natural causes.

For the record i think gorillas are beautiful animals. How they have come to have bad mannered low intelligence connotations is a sign of how shit and ignorant humans can be. Nobody has called a white person a gorilla for decades because it is universally known as a racist slur towards black people. He and the Sun know that and i think that is the point here.

Have to agree with The Doors* on this one. KM knew what he was saying and what kind of trouble could come from it, but people like Kelvin McKenzie don't care about anything or anybody. They seem to thrive on creating this kind of outrage and furore.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Any person who buys a newspaper is in cahoots, yes cahoots, with the parasitical horrible arseholes that run the newspaper industry. Again and again we hear of evidence of how they ruin people's lives and still people buy the garbage they are pedalling. Anybody who buys a newspaper is complicit and helps to fund the unneeded invasion of privacy of ordinary people as well as celebs and as for tapping/ sourcing texts from the phones of missing murdered teenagers? How low can you get? I don't know how people who buy newspapers look at themselves in the mirror. They are feeding the beast. This might sound extreme but the only way to cut off the voice of the gutter press is to not buy a paper. It's easy, but for many people direct action like that is beyond their cretinous morality and logic. Wankers! Those that print it and those that still buy it and read it.

*Re The Doors, I wasn't referring to the Los Angeles beat combo, I meant our resident daft herbert from Huddersfield.

He's got a lot of previous for this sort of stuff.

People like him and Katie Hopkins make a living out of offending people. In order to continue to attract attention to themselves and sell more papers for their masters, they have become more and more offensive with each column/tweet.

Eventually they overstep the mark of what is acceptably tasteless.
Late Doors

They are reflecting perhaps even making the divisive times we live in. Stirring up fear, envy and base line prejudices, the very conditions the overlords need to thrive and operate their manipulation of the country and world. Its deliberate, calculated and executed with precision throughout all kinds of media by specialised networks. Dock is bang on. Tragically I still enjoy a paper the Guardian and the Telegraph occasionally but both are challenging and annoying and need interpretation. The former alas is the only mainstream media capable and willing to expose treachery.. If there were any other serious news sources I'd give them a go if anybody can help out there

I must say I had to have it explained to me exactly what he meant my 'Gorilla' as I thought it was some racist slur and Barkley looks full Caucasian

It shouldn't have been used especially by someone who has a history of being controversial and uses his position to voice it. Forum Index -> Life in the fish bowl
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