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Racing on TV this Saturday (MCR)

As far as I can see the best afternoons coverage of racing this year. On BBC1 there are five races from Champions Day at Ascot and as the Jumps season begins to rev up, there are four races from Cheltenham on CH4. Plenty of channel hopping to be done.

QIPCO Champions Day is new to racing this year. QIPCO have sponsored all the big races this year and Saturdays card pulls together all the best flat horses from the Derby and the Guineas meetings. A lot of horses that ran in the Arc will be there as well. Not that keen on the BBC racing coverage because CH4 do an infinitely better job of it, but the beeb do get some decent interviews with trainers and jocks alike due to Claire Balding coming from a famous training family.

Anyway, a reet afternoons racing to be had. That is all. I can't wait me.

*Plumps cushions up, moves fecking big greyhound from in front of telly in order to see better n' that*
Late Doors

Any tips?    

Late Doors wrote:
Any tips?    

Frankly, no. With all the rain this week feck knows what the going will be like by Saturday. Could do with a really windy Friday to dry the ground. Also hard to pick a winner from that many good horses. Big fields so I'll be doing each way bets. Also I wouldn't post any tips on here in case the lazy gets who can't be arsed posting any more but quite like to read the threads of the few on here who take the time to post and contribute might be looking (we know they are there from the 'views' counter on each thread). They get nowt from me! They come in here reading our threads, stealing our jobs. Its the thin end of the wedge. It really is. Forum Index -> Sports
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