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Only the second match I've seen this season due to 'other stuff' and my increasing inability to cope with the harsh Northern climate.

Defence played pretty well seeing they were poorly protected by the midfield. Our only route out of defence seemed to be via Ayling. Why the fuck weren't the midfield coming short for the ball.

A couple of their players, 2 and 21 I think seemed to be able to run through unchallenged.

Very lucky they were profligate with their chances.  We can thank Big Matt for some of that. He hasn't improved a lot.
Some good saves from Green (again).

Sacko was shocking when he came on. Looks out of his depth. Generally Mpnk's team selection is pretty good, but I can't understand why he persists with this guy.

Zero shots on target. Lucky to get away with a point.
Late Doors

QPR surprised me by being so organised and  lively. We were devoid of plan B which other teams seem to have sussed now. Pablo is struggling, Sacko has lost all confidence and its only our ace back five that's keeping us where we are. We'll be lucky to hang on for a play off place particularly if we keep on making supremely crap decisions with the final ball in and around the box. Mind you, that last second equaliser other night by Blackburn at Fulham was very welcome.

Can't see us winning three knock out games after that though and have this awful premonition that Mr Rhodes is going to make amends for his penalty miss. There is one possible outcome that is just too painful to contemplate let alone write down. But as my mate Pieman keeps saying, our luck and knock out performances bad run of nigh on fifty years has to change some time Forum Index -> Leeds
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