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Late Doors

QPR Away

As usual a fine day out with the Griffin branch spoiled a tad by a lackluster if workmanlike away performance.

Three pints of splendid St Austell proper job in the usual stop off pub in London Colny set up the afternoon as did both tiers full of away support behind the goal. I wasn't expecting anything and expectations were met.
Seems we can't quite get the time and place for 451 right. Antenucci was a waste of time space and boot leather on Saturday. We got completely over run in midfield. Much as I like our kids you can't expect them to hold us together forever. They are going to get tired as the peaks and troughs of development go on. The new lad got booked wrongly very early on and I think that curtailed him a little but he looked like he could provide somestrength there.

The goal was typical of the kind we are conceding on a regular basis. A free header from a routine ball into the box.

We applied a bit of pressure towards the end with a couple of low crosses zipping across the six yard box just begging to be tapped in but we couldn't get on the end of them. I just hope we can muster more points than three other teams. Its not going well is it?

Antenucci's been shit since he grew that stupid beard.
smiling badger

Nice reportage LD. Thanks.
How the fook you havent lost your mojo yet is beyond me.
Late Doors

Just re adjust the expectation level, thats all and squeeze another pint in before the game

Ive lost the will to do the big detailed reports though. Funnily enough i miss doing 'em. Hope i can get back to them but need a bit of inspiration from the actual footy first Forum Index -> Leeds
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