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Late Doors

Pubs that are now better than they were.

Two immediately obvious ones in Udders to start with

The Sportsman,

A dying grim ol' place on its arse with its best days seemingly long ago as the surrounding area changed. The only time a visit was called for was a shufter or two before a do in the Irish League up the road. Now a fantastic pub, great gaffer, staff and beer and even does a sterling job with music both piped and live.

The Grove (Formerly the Spring Grove)

I remember this place when it had strippers on at lunchtime. Lads used to go up from Tech on a dinner time (Not I I hasten to add) so they could come back to lessons permanently shuffling on their chairs in a sweat with their minds on anything but mechanical science. Again dying on its arse with only a handful of the West Indian clientele left. Now rescued by the wonderful owner and his ace missus serving the best beer, to my knowledge, anywhere in the country.

I'd miss them both if the went

For a minute I thought you meant that shit hole in Burmantofts

None - notsaligia ain't what it used to be.
Late Doors

Kin'l ive just googled the sportsman in burmantofts and it looks classic estate pub, knocked up at the same time as the houses. Probably ace in its day and probably a chippy next to it once. Thats what we wanted then, beer n chips apparently.

How about veritas across from the hospital on George St. Never rated the hog's head but veritas is good.

A couple of decent pubs now converted to top drawer asian restaurants in Huddersfield. The Coach and Horses in Honley was ok but now as the balooshai its my favourite curry place anywhere.

Followed by the Mumbai spice on Bradford road formerly the Ash Brow pub. Dont like to see pubs go obviously but if they are replaced with something at least as good that's something. Same craic, people going out socially enjoying themselves.

Late Doors wrote:
Kin'l ive just googled the sportsman in burmantofts and it looks classic estate pub, knocked up at the same time as the houses. Probably ace in its day and probably a chippy next to it once. Thats what we wanted then, beer n chips apparently.

I lived 100 yards away for nearly 20years, I must have been in at least twice which was two times too many.
Chip shop is just over the road, John used to own it, nice fella, he used to make proper fish cakes with fish in between two slices of potato and then battered.

The Grove is owned by the same people as Duck and Drake and the Blues Bar in Harrogate/
Late Doors

Nah H not that Grove, the one in Hudders

The Commercial in Slaithwaite. Possibly one of the first pubs i nearly took MrsD into. It was the Slaithwaite Rant weekend when merriment and frivolity take over the village. I led her across the road for an early afternoon refreshment when the pub's front door burts open and a young man staggered on to the pavement towards the bin on the lamppost. We both halted in our tracks as he proceeded to hurl the contents of his stomach into the bin before heading back into the pub. Pretty standard behaviour for the time and place i recall.
Since then the pub has been turned into an immacuale local boozer (save for Summer ale trail Saturdays when it gets a bit too busy and rumbustious) . Always a steady stream of chatty locals at the bar, ace local beer (Empire) and others, plenty of good seating and the added bonus of ER Grange pork pies on offer.

Also one of the few pubs to have benefitted from the addition of a comfy settee. Ordinarily of course such ostentatious decadence in a pub should not be tolerated but this one has slipped in nicely.

Ah right LD, the bloke I was talking to in the Blues Bar just said The Grove and we had been talking about the D&D so I assumed (wrongly).

Never been in that Blues Bar before in Harrogate. If you haven't been in I recommend it, especially on a Sunday. Three sessions.

Started off at 3pm with a band called Vinyls form Rothwell. Lads in their early twenties - got the crowd going and great to see younger lot playing some decent music.

6pm session we missed most of as had to check in at hotel, A solo young female with a decent pair of lungs on her.

Disappointment was the 9pm session. People we had spoken to earlier said he was brilliant. Thought he was going to be good enough let Santana make his tea with all his pissing about and warm up. His rhythm backing machine thingy broke and he was left cordless. The pub emptied!
Late Doors

Brambles in Holmirth. Formerly the White Hart, archetypal village idiot boozer full of parochial rural yoof with too much testosterone in them absorbed from the cattle feed. Now in my view the best pub in the village which admittedly is not a huge achievement. Also has a decent settee. Forum Index -> Plankton and Water
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