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Late Doors

Proprietors that come out for a chat.

No, fuck off back into the office or behind the bar or on the pass or wherever you came from and leave me alone, I don't want your spiel I want to eat and talk to my friends uninterrupted. Why do they do it? is anyone really interested in their forced conviviality? does anyone need to feel like they are their friend?

Always preferred my landlords to be miserable bastards and generally haven't been disappointed.

I do like doctors and dentists who chat a bit though.

We've just got back from northern Spain, which included a meal at the 3 star Arzak in San Sebastian - 17th in the world on some list last year. I booked the table on 29 October 2015 and was lucky to get a cancellation. It was the best food I've ever eaten (and the most expensive), every course (there were nine) a mini food fantasy of invention, taste and amazement.

Anyway, what made it a bit more special was that the Head Chef (Elena Arzak) came and sat with us for a good 10 minutes at the end, and explained how they'd achieved some of the tricks and techniques of the food we'd just eaten. She was so lovely, and ordinary in many ways but what stood out was her absolute joy that we'd loved her food. We swapped stories about our kids and families and about some restaurants in London we'd both visited.

So while I agree with the general thrust of the thread, on this occasion I'm pleased she did what she did, if only because it seemed impossible that a human being could have achieved what she and her colleagues did with the raw materials they had to work with.

Wow! Butt's restaurant experience sounds fantastic but I do wholly agree with LD. The landlord at The Abbey Inn (located just off the Leeds-Liverpool canal in disputed bandit country between Bramley, Horsforth, and Kirkstall) used to do this. Bring menus over and then pull up a stool at our table without asking and go through the menu. In the final analysis it's an intrusion. I don't need you to go through the specials because my literacy ability stretches to being able to read the chalked up words on the 'SPECIALS BOARD'. I know he's trying to add a personal touch and customer service but I don't need 'selling' to.
Late Doors

I don't mind the actual Chef just the "front figure". Bang on Dock, that's just what I'm on about. There's a place in Udders town called Discovery Bay. It's a Caribbean spot featured on a Gordon fucking Ramsay tv show. Lovely food but the Guy feels the need to pour a bit of his Celeb status onto our table in the possible hope that we might think it's a honour. It isn't, its fucking embarrassing
Plastic Man

Late Doors wrote:
There's a place in Udders town called Discovery Bay. It's a Caribbean spot featured on a Gordon fucking Ramsay tv show.

You should tell him to eff off.

If he's worked with Gordon Ramsay, he'll be used to it.

I think Billy shares our pain LD. Especially the bit about the: "Lisping Prick". Check it:

Must say I agree with you LD but there is the other side to this. If I am in a pub and want to make small talk with the landlord or anyone else connected to the place I do expect a bit of chat back. I am the customer after all even if they had heard 'how's business' or 'does it get busy later' bollocks a million times. They should also grit their teeth when asked 'any more decent pubs around here'

Reminds of a time many a moon ago when my mate and I were in a right shit hole of a bar in some rough area of Tenerife (or was it Gran Canaria) Anyway I digress. My mate in all innocence goes up to the bar and says to the owner 'a pint of your best please' to which the bloke replies in a strong Cornish accent 'best, best they are all fucking good mate'. We didn't stay long.
Late Doors

Ha Ha spot on, as always the Big Yin nails it , eating out these days especially at poncey places is littered with piss boiling potential. As if the twat coming around for embarrassing small talk isn't bad enough there's the utter bullshit that fills the menu to be navigated through.

Different kettle of fish for Pub Landlords H . It's their job to speak and know if you want to speak back. Forum Index -> Plankton and Water
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