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PQ 17: An Arctic Convoy Disaster

I don't watch a lot of telly, but I watched this on BBC2 on Thursday evening and found it very interesting. The hour went very quickly. Even Mrs Dalek stopped her sewing and watched the programme to the end.  

On iplayer until 13 Jan I think.

Worth a view if you have a spare hour.

You may be surprised by the tone Clarkson takes - for once the programme content was not all about him and he did a decent job.

Cheers D. Sounds good that. the AC's were a lifeline for Britain weren't they. Often overlooked by programme makers who tend to lean toward D-Day and Battle of Britain stuff. Clarkson did a really good one a few years ago about a British special forces raid on a docked German battleship.

Thought he was very good - certainly knew his stuff.

Hard life on those convoys even without some bastard lobbing explosives at you.

It must have been bloody tense on each voyage. Just waiting for a torpedo at any minute with absolutely nowhere to run/swim to in the middle of the ocean.

Plastic Man

Great call Dalek. Definitely well worth an hour of one's time.

Lions led by donkeys etc...

Watched it, fantastic, shocking, heart rendering story.

When people discuss 'hard men', hard men are those that do not have to use fists to show their worth.

Old guys interviewed who lived through it and still shed a tear after going on seventy years. Could I have endured what these fine gentlemen endured?

I tip my hat.
smiling badger

Completely different generation to today. Doesnt even bare thinking about to be put in that type of situation. Amazed some are still alive to tell the story.
Shocking the way that they were left on their own and to try and defend themselves..
Actually it isnt shocking, just the usual shit from those above them. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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