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Late Doors

Portion control.

Sound dietary advice, latest fad or simply an excuse for a few fnnawws and gnnrps?
Plastic Man

Portion Control? I thought this might be a misplaced review of a recent performance you'd witnessed at the Brudenell.

I bet they didn't play any encores.

For real?

As long as it's a big portion, I'm all for it.

I always laugh at the folk in those places like Toby Carvery where it's eat all you can.

You see the greedy wankers pile their plates up high then leave half of it. Surely much better to get a smaller portion and then go back for seconds if you want. But nahhhh - their eyes are greedier than their bellies

I think those sort of places work well for me - for whatever * ahem * half-baked reasons (possibly rooted in respect and/or guilt towards the animal being eaten?), I don't like to leave food on my plate, especially meat, so I prefer to go for smaller plates with the option of going back.

Still eat far too much though.

Need a degree of control else wouldn't make any margin. Our portions are substantial though. Ne novac ne med Forum Index -> Plankton and Water
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