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Higgs Boson

Poohing in the forest

Never bin before until today, when we decided to go for a 'pleasant'Sunday afternoon stroll around the Ashdown forest on the Kent/East Sussex borders, in search of the legendary Pooh bridge. Slightly misjudged the weather, and lack of any proper signage meant a SAS style yomp accross what looked remarkably like the plains of Africa. When the mist eventually cleared though, some staggeringly impressive views were revealed that blew any conceptions of the SE being boringly flat right out of the water. Navigating via a poorly taken picture on the mobile, of 'the route' posted up in the car park, we managed to find the Enchanted Place, Roos sand pit, the Sad and Gloomy place, the lone pine and the Heffalump trap that all mentioned in AA Milnes books. Determined to find the bleedin' bridge, me and the boy (Mrs Higgs had fucked off, back to the car at this point) ended up scrambling several hundred feet down a steep slope covered in 2ft high dead bracken, to a likely looking location only to discover we'd actually arrived somewhere upstream of the 'North Pole'.
"Thow y'sticks in there son", I said nodding towards the babbling brook.
"But...but this can't be it... there's no bridge" He replied, bottom lip beginning to tremble and looking around at the encroaching gloom asked, "Are we going to die dad?"  
Having made it safely back and having since checked a proper map, it turns out Pooh bridge wasn't anywhere near where we were yomping,
Should be a most excellent place for stroll and picnic in the summer though, whenst I'm sure we shall return, if only to find that bloody bridge.
Tank Girl

that's great.
love a bit of aa milne, my bonkers mum used to recite the poetry from when we were very young and now we are six

james james morrison morrison wetherby george dupree
took great care of his mother
though he was only three.
Jones the Steamed

If todays adventure's anything to go by I'd take a compass, map, tent and seven days rations on your next excursion.

Oh, and considering you're on a bear hunt a distress flare might come in handy for shooing away any unwanted bear attention or making people aware that you're hopelessly lost.

Hope this helps.

If only you'd asked.

Higgs Boson

Cheers bearing, that's the best map of the area I've seen yet. It's all become a lot clearer now. Forum Index -> Strange plaices
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