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Your cod and chips may not be what it seems

Its ofishal.

Good sustainable fish

I've been trying to eat mine for years.
Late Doors

Pollack is a fine fish to cook and eat. Think we have talked about it before on here? I would happily choose it and see nothing wrong in using it when serving "Fish n Chips". It's a bit naughty using it when the claim is Cod or Haddock though.

Grind wrote:
I've been trying to eat mine for years.

Daft bastard!

bearing wrote:
Good sustainable fish

Until everyone starts eating it that is

I'll eat it. Its all the same battered and covered in salt and vinegar. I'm lucky my local chippy is Nash's in Chapel Allerton. Nom Nom, and in the final analysis a big lip smacking Nom. I could eat fish and chips everyday me.

Inspired by this thread I went and bought a Haddock butty from Nash's on Saturday. T'were bloody delicious. Even if it was 3.90. End of dispatch.

Whenever my dad was left in charge of me and my brother he would always take us to Nash's restaurant, which was upstairs from the shop.

Their fish and chips was always loads better than Harry Ramsden's.

Next time i'm up in C-A will definitely pay a visit.

1.40 for a bag of chips at Oakwood fisheries. Forum Index -> Plankton and Water
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