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Places to avoid

Munchies, Harehills Road, Leeds.

A Leeds takeaway owner has been fined after a child was served a pizza which had cockroach baked into the crust.

A court heard an environmental health officer was called to Munchies takeaway in Leeds after the youngster made the revolting discovery and the kitchen was found to be infested with the insects.

The official ordered Matloob Hussain to immediately shut down his business after cockroaches were discovered scuttling around in pans, inside chiller cabinets and running up the wall.

Leeds Magistrates’ Court heard cooking equipment and surfaces in food preparation areas were filthy and covered in years worth of dirt, grease and food debris.

Bags of mouldy doner kebab meat were on the floor and food was found stored directly on filthy surfaces.

After hearing details of the case yesterday, JP Bill Baker said: “What we have heard this morning has been a stomach churning horror story.

“We are due to have lunch in three-quarters of an hour but I think we will skip it now.”

Hussain, 44, of Savile Place, Chapeltown, was fined £750 and ordered to pay £1,250 court cost after pleading guilty to eight offences relating to failing to keep his premises clean, failing to protect against food being unfit for human consumption and failing to protect against pests.

Derek Hallam, prosecuting, said the child’s father, a local funeral director, reported the matter on August 22 last year after one of his children spotted the insect after he ordered pizzas for them.

The takeaway was shut down and re-opened a week later after the place was cleaned and pest control contractors were called to the premises on Harehills Road.

This has reopened and is now called Chill and Grill

Disgusting. Should have been banned from the food industry for life.


makes you wonder how often these places are inspected
Late Doors

Not as much as they are insected.

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