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Late Doors

Pit, Merrion St.

Just down from Mojo on the other side of the street. Thought we'd try an alternative to Reds after the disappointment of the previous weeks. Every bit as good we all thought. The place is a basement type setting not as buzzing as Reds but got busier. Simular menu, pit bbq, burgers etc with very expensive bottles of pale ale so that counts against it. The staff were great and the music good quality mainly rock. The ribs and burgers were soft juicy and full of deep flavour. The little chips came in a tiny pan basket all on a wooden plank type platter. Corny, trendy but very tasty. Splendid alternative to Reds.

There's one in Chapel A which we like, the chips are great but not as great as the legendary okra fries in Bundobust.
Late Doors

made another trip here last Saturday and had the full blow out combo of Ribs n Wings and as MrsD  was this time the lucky viewer of a grown man  across from her facially covered in sticky sauce we had a bottle of red at the table. Very grown up.

Every bit as good as Reds I think. The score at Reds is 5-2 (Five excellent visits two mediocre ones) Pitt is 2-0 but this is Leeds so anything can happen. Forum Index -> Plankton and Water
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