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Phone scam

I do a bit of bean counting for a small company in Leamington to keep me out of trouble.

Yesterday I was chewing my boss's ear about her ridiculously high mobile phone bill (60) a month.
To cut a long story short we found out she was being scammed. She was receiving 3 texts from 88770 every Friday at about 12:00 pm. Each time she received a text she was billed 1.25 by O2. This had been going on since July.

I didn't think you could be billed for receiving a text but you can. She'd probably been scammed by doing an online survey I reckon, not reading the small print, and being tricked into subscribing to a ringtone download. Or something like that.

Anyway - it's cost her 45 so far and she's steaming now. The company responsible is called Zamano and they are based in Dublin.

We've texted back 'STOP ALL' and it said we had been unsubscribed - so we shall see.
Now to get the money back off them!

She's not the only one that's been done.

My son got caught out with one of the 'fake Govt websites' that have been in the news recently. Looks exactly like the real website except for the tiny small print hidden away on the webpage somewhere. He was charged 50 for a provisional driving licence form with his details printed on that he could have got from the post office for nowt.
Surprisingly this isn't illegal and the govt seem incredibly slow to do anything about them, this happened last year and they've known about it for ages. It's basically fraud and comes up first on a google search which I imagine they are paying google for.

They're thieving cunts but Google and govt are as much to blame letting it continue

Governance of mobile telecoms is incredibly weak and of the internet, practically non-existent.

Ofcom is part funded by the telecoms industry, so they've got a vested interest on being soft on the service providers.

Premium-rate services, including mobile-phone text services and ringtones, are completely unregulated.

So if you're scammed, you've got absolutely no-one to complain to. Forum Index -> Life in the fish bowl
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