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Phil Everly R.I.P.

One the sources of the Nile in the grand scheme and timeline of pop music. Not quite country, not quite out n out Rock n' roll. As soon as an Everly brothers record comes on you know it's them. The perfect harmonies were instantly recognisable and unique to the ear (well they were to me like). Along with Mr. Holly from Texas and that gyrating ne'er do well from Mississippi (via Memphis) Mr. er the name escapes me, Phil Everly's legacy is everywhere across genres and styles and whatever current bands the young set call "really original sounding". Thank you for the music sir! You're light will forever shine.


I could easily fashion my hair to look like that.

RIP Phil, you influenced some great musicians and made some cracking tunes.

Grew up listening to the Everlys, used to play my mums old 45s as a kid. Everly Bros., Chris Montez, Cliff and the Shadows and Elvis.

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