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Peter O' Sullevan R.I.P.

"And now we hand over to Peter o' Sullevan to call them home".

And he did on thousands of occasions. He was to put it simply, the voice of horse racing. He commentated on approx fifty Grand Nationals over his career and far too many more races to mention. An out and out racing man with a superb knowledge of form and breeding. I saw a clip this weekend on CH4 about him and it showed a race card that was annotated with notes he had made and it made my studious scribblings in my Time Form race card look pitiful. I once saw the man himself leaning against a fence at the pre-parade ring at Cheltenham studying the days race card. He was into his nineties and even further into his retirement but looked immaculate in his suit, hat, and cane (I'd guess it served him with his frailty rather than as a fashion affectation). I loved the fact that even though he'd seen it all before many many times he still wanted to get up close to the horses, didn't take his experience and knowledge for granted, and was enjoying the prequel to a day's racing.

Late Doors

He sounds a good egg. You know someone is good when they become known as the voice of ......

He was so good that he could draw in people with only a passing interest in racing. Never tired of listening to him.

Nice that he eventually had success with two of the horses he owned, Be Friendly and Attivo. Must have struggled holding on to his hat when commentating on their races.
Plastic Man

fartcatcher wrote:
Nice that he eventually had success with two of the horses he owned, Be Friendly and Attivo.

There was a nice piece of commentary on the radio today when he was calling one of his own horses home, and without losing a beat. "And the winner is ????, owned by P. O'Sullevan,..."

Tricky one... should he have said, "...owned by me"?
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

Lovely man with a fabulous voice

Legend of the British racing scene

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