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Frazier Cranium

Pete Wylie - York Fibbers

Acoustic session with his mate Tom Iforgothissurname alongside, both on guitar.  Wylie very gobby, very brash and very funny, to complement his imho brilliant repertoire.

A great gig.  And if you didn't know - like we didn't know - that Fibbers has moved premises, you do now, so we had to walk through the wild streets of York centre to get there and back to the car, parked two mile away

He's on at Otley at the end of the month, I will be there too.  Well worth it, though if you fancy it and are a Tory, you will get a bit of stick from Wylie.

Wylie is one of life's great entertainers. I would put him alongside Edwyn Collins and Martin Stephenson as someone who's I'd pay to see just for the quips between songs. Life delt him a tough hand with the back break and he never really got back to where I feel he deserves to be.

Saw him do his acoustic stuff at The Maratime Hotel in NY probably ten years ago now. Sweating profusely and managing to win over a room full of people who probably expected a full on Wall Of Sound Story Of The Blues type night.

After we had a good chat  about old gigs back in England - I've seen him a few times - touring with The Farm, championing The Bridewell Taxis, he told Peel they were the most exciting band in England at he time and various things it's probably better not to put on here relating to after parties we'd both been at and women who were seeing other people at the time. Also helped that the single Remember is one of my top ten all time tunes. Not that it's brilliant rather at the time it was just so fucking optimistic.

Anyway, I'm glad he's back doing stuff again. I thought his confidence was shot to be honest. He's currently crowd funding a new album. Worth a follow on Twitter also.
Frazier Cranium

'Pete Sounds' out next year, Pledge Music or whatever, has reached 135% of required total.

I forgot to mention, he was wearing a t-shirt with WANKER on it, it's an image that will always make me smile.

Bigger now, grey beard and not much hair, voice as superb as ever. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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