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Late Doors

Pennine way.

Three part series on the Pennine way  watched the first one the other night. Chuff me that poem Barry Rutter read out by about playing football in the village of Slack had me filling up. Stunning and majestic scenery as you'd expect from England's spine and some lovely little vignettes along the trail. Its good to be reminded Yorkshire doesn't actually own the Pennines its just that they seem to want to belong to us.

Something I wish I'd "done" while I was still in the UK.

I did get my mate Neil to chuck me out with a rucksack and ramblin' man boots off of the M62 and then marched North for a week or so, but I wish I'd found (and taken) the time to do the whole thing in one go.

Fond memories of some decent beer, reassuringly shite weather and the missus being attacked by a particularly mardy swan (in somewhere like Hawes?).


I walked it with a paedophile when I was a scout. Obviously I was unaware that he was one at the time and clearly not his type... Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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