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Peddling Dreams - The Raleigh Story

Great hour long docu on BBC4/ Iplayer about the history of the Raleigh company and how the cycling habits of the British public evolved over the last century, concluding with the demise of the vast factory in Nottingham and the generations of a community that worked there. Some cracking old cine camera footage of early cycling clubs and the rise of cycling as a sporting and leisure pursuit. I really enjoyed watching this. Very informative and inspiring listening to fellow cyclists about the freedom and joy of cycling and the people involved in Raleigh from the production line right up to the directors of the company.

If I could figure out how to use a proxy server I'd watch that. Shane Meadows was meant to be doing a film about Tom Simpson but I've not heard anything about it for a while.

I'm more of a Sturmey Archer sort of bloke myself.

Heyho wrote:
I'm more of a Sturmey Archer sort of bloke myself.

SA get a mention. Their parts were an important, er, part of British cycling.
Late Doors

Missed this, cheers Dock. My first proper bike was a Raleigh Record Ace. *fact*

I''ll have to watch this. The Raleigh Chopper was the bike to have in the early seventies, and there's still a demand for them now.

Went down the pan like so many British brands. When I was in the bike workshop we got loads of them - mainly from the early 2000s. Made in Vietnam  I think. Cheap components and heavy duty steel tubing that weighed a ton. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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