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Pease Pudding

Had a visitation from the relatives from the North East recently and was presented with some of the filthy stuff.

This is what hummus was before it was rebranded by the food fashionistas

I don't think it ever made it as far South as Leeds. Consider yourselves fortunate.

It would take more than a couple of leaves and a sprig of heather to make it edible.

Served hot or cold?
smiling badger

That does look bloody awfull.
Whats with the branch and Fox Glove growing out the top of it?
Plastic Man

Traditionally eaten with ham, in well buttered stottie, I am given to understand.

Well, that's how I was presented it.

It was very bland.

However, I can see the close link with chick peas/ hummus - it would probably do very well being re-invented with a touch of lemon/ garlic/ roasted peppers etc. to give it a bit of flavour.

*phones Heston Bloominghell*

*and Waitrose's purchasing department*

equally revolting served hot or cold.

They also eat something called Parmo

A children's nursery rhyme to be recited, on no account should you ever attempt to eat the stuff. Forum Index -> Plankton and Water
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