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Paul Weller - York Barbican

Expected more of this to be honest. AN up close and personal venue.

Day started well. Was staying in a pub in Fulford with Mrs H so we did a crawl into York. Half a dozen pubs later, a couple in each and the whistle was wetted for a decent concert.

We got in at 8:25 and he was already on. The first set was a mixture of old an new and a couple of lesser known Style Council and Jam songs thrown in for good measure. 20 songs though isn't bad I suppose but it didn't rock my boat to be honest.

Then there was the first encore with a wait that seemed an eternity. Back he came and they all sat down and he did half a dozen acoustic ballads. So I said to Mrs H let's go and get last orders and a curry.

Golden rule - never leave before the end!!

Apparently there was a second encore where Start and the Changingman were played.

I got the impression this was Weller testing things ready for his much bigger stadium tours. Maybe I wasn't in the mood but it won't go down as one of my favourites. I suppose a total set list of 30 songs can't be bad.

Probably didn't help that there were a lot of pissed up Geordies around and also why oh why do people think it is fine to spend the whole bloody concert with their hands above their heads filming the concert. Bloody crazy.

Seems like we get better Weller gigs over here. Never been to a bad one.

Weller, Weller, Weller, uh?

Tell me more, tell me more.
smiling badger

Saw him about 20 odd years ago performing his Wild Wood album . Absolutely brilliant and sounded fantastic.

I've seen him a number of times and he's always been a classy proposition. I've only been to The York Barbican to see Frank Skinner and it was all seating. I can't imagine sitting down at a Weller gig. Did they take seats out H? As for going in loads of pubs before a gig, not my bag at all. First off I wouldn't enjoy the music as much and secondly I'd be wanting to piss all through the gig. Each to their own n' that. As for the dickheads with their phones, it's such a sad indictment on how morons use technology. It's one of the reasons I don't gig as much as I used to. I hope the curry was good?

They took the seating out Dock so we were standing.

Curry good - we never went. Wife had beer goggles on her so I made a point and got her loads of drinks in. Cost me a taxi for the 1.5 miles back to our hotel though as she might have found it difficult to walk it lol Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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