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Paul Weller - More Modern Classics Box Set

I was a big fan of Paul Weller's solo work and live shows through the nineties but for whatever reasons (same problem we all face, so much music so little time) I didn't keep up with much of his stuff after 2000 apart from the '22 Dreams' and 'As Is Now' albums. Last year Mrs. D played me a great version of a song of his called 'That Dangerous Age' which he did for a 6music session which spurred me to dig into his more recent stuff. This 3 cd box set is a fantastic retrospective of his music over the last fifteen years and includes a great third cd of sessions and live recordings. I highly recommend this for any fans of Paul Weller for who he may have dropped off their radar in the last few years. This box set is a classy proposition as sharply put together as one of PW's suits.


I'm in the minority in that although I liked The Jam, had a few Style Council records I really didn't get into Weller until his solo career was well established. I think his solo stuff is his best stuff. I always meant to go see him live but for one reason and another never got round to it. When I eventually did go see him I felt like kicking myself for not making the effort before. Weller is the only musician I will go see every time he comes over here without fail. I struggle a bit with his last album but I think that's because I was still getting my head around the one before that. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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