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Pat, Paddy, Patricia etc etc

You get the picture  


2 Patrick the Starfish
4 Patsy Kensit
8 Pat Morito?
19 Fat Pat from Eastenders
20 Patrick Swayze
Late Doors

17 Patti Smith
18 patrick Moore
Late Doors

1 Patrick stewart, of course, a grand 'udders lad, Well , Mirfield but it's near enough
Late Doors

13, That unfunny comedian tit, patrick Moynan??? saw him live, very very unfunny
Late Doors

None but should be...

Pat Jennings.

1. Patrick Stewart
2. Patrick the Starfish
3. Padraig Harrington
4. Patsy Kensit - wasted on that bellowing talentless manc lout
5. Patsy Palmer
6. er...
7. Patricia Arquette
8.Pat Morita
9. Patsy Clyne
10. um...
11. Paddy McGuiness
12. Pat Cash
13. Patrick Kielty
14. Patricia Highsmith
15. Pat Nevin
16. Patti Labelle
17. Patty Smith
18. Patrick Moore
19. Pat Butcher
20. Patrick Swayze

it was about six weeks ago we did this and some of the hard disk has  been overwritten.

Forest wins an empty inkjet cartridge, a copy of What's on in Birdingbury and jar of green tomato chutney

10 is Patrick Dempsey, US actor.

Forest wrote:
10 is Patrick Dempsey, US actor.

you available next Monday?  

Number 6 is Patrick Cox, he's a shoe designer.

bearing wrote:
Number 6 is Patrick Cox, he's a shoe designer.

bonus point to bearing. i guess the shoes were a bit of a clue

At least it wasn't Patrick Shoe Forum Index -> Quiz bit
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