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Passengers *spoiler alert - only read if you have seen *

This could have been such a great film. Ok the film has some great sets and visual themes but the story is so light.

The dilemma around waking her up is not strong enough - I mean its only discussed with a legless Brian Clough but it's the ending that is so so poor.

Shot to a green oasis on the ship as everyone else wakes up. Obviously the main characters are now dead but why oh why don't the crew and passengers get confronted to a couple of people in their 80's or even 90's i.e. their children!!! Or maybe even a shot to a skeleton.

A big let down

The problem with this film is the selfishness of the main character waking Jennifer Lawrence up to spend the rest of her life with him alone. Twattish behaviour. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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