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Late Doors

Parquet Courts. Brudenell Social Club

In a week that saw the passing of one of the most influential RnR musician ever it was only fitting to catch a band who  themselves capture and use those velvet tones so dynamically and thrillingly. Other influences abound within the band  each with their own velvet touch such are the generative and multiplying impact of that fantastic band . Some definite buzzcocks, Ruts and early garage punk in the live sound and dare I say it, The Lurkers???.

First heard this band on here and then saw them at green man. I would say they are as much my cup of tea as well brewed Assam.  A fabulous rip roaring rumbustious electric guitar storm interspersed with some morbid introspect What's not to like?

Full house at the Brude and as usual a great mix of demography. The sold out signs had been put up long ago. Three of us for this one, missed the support despite Butts' recommendation but got a great position down at the front as the band set up.

About an hour, brilliantly paced and sufficiently varied to keep the crowd captured for the duration. Even provoking some moshing for the fast paced air punching favourites.

Center stage is the bassman who drives the sound with humming bass that he seems to heave out with his body actions. Either side are the guitarists who share vocals, one more raspy than the other but compliment well.  Some minimal chit chat with the audience referencing our accent and their summer of festivals but it was mainly straight into the album and the new EP. These boys are good, terrific guitar interplay and feedback control, tight, earnest but fun, some great hooks, energy and full on commitment. All in the setting and sound system of the not bettered Brudenell Social club. RIP Lou, thank you


Excellent. There should be more music like this. Live at a bike shop as well!
smiling badger

Yeah, proper music and nothing too fancy with it! Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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