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Me and mrs fc are off on Saturday. Athletics in the morning. mrs fc off to horsey stuff pm while i find a pub in Greenwich.

Opening ceremony looked quite spectacular - although admittedly I was quite a long way from the big screen.

Looking forward to it.

I wonder if they have different classes of handicapped stickers for the parking?

You'd might be better off walking there.....

* Seems to be getting reasonable coverage on the BBC World Service

Been looking at the parking....Piss Head doesn't qualify for disabled. *goes on wagon*

I don't really understand how it all works. Clearly if you have a bloke with one arm running against a bloke with one leg, then he's likely to win.

There must be some sort of classification system i suppose.

Was hoping there would be a bit of wheelchair racing as that can get a bit lively.

I asked mrs fc whether the horses had the normal complement of legs. She didn't laugh.

There seems to be some kerfuffle about a US swimmer who either is or isn't disabled enough for the swimming class she's in (S6?).

I guess having a disability doesn't make you any more or less likely to push the limits to win.

Which I suppose is how it should be expected to be.

I wonder how they go on about drug testing. A lot of these paralympians must be on medication for their conditions

Despite doing a bit of research I'm still confused.

How does the deaf guy hear the gun? Are blind athletes allowed to take their dogs into the stadium? Would a guy with one leg longer than the other be able to run bends faster?

Got to set off at 7:00 am tomorrow.
Still arguing with Mrs FC about whether it's better to drive to Uxbridge or West Ruislip before getting on the tube.

Next time they should have the Olympics a bit closer to Birdingbury.
Plastic Man

fartcatcher wrote:
Still arguing with Mrs FC about whether it's better to drive to Uxbridge or West Ruislip before getting on the tube.

I assume you're coming down the M40. There's very little free on-street all-day parking anywhere near Uxbridge (Met/ Picc lines) tube station. West Ruislip (Central) and Hillingdon (Met/ Picc lines) are slightly better, but both are on main roads a fair bit away from side streets where you might find on-street parking.

Ickenham (Met/ Picc lines) would be a better bet for free on-street parking relatively close nearby, though I guess the closest streets might require resident permits. Alternatively , there is definitely free on-street parking within about 5 minutes walk of Ruislip and Ruislip Manor Stations (Met/ Picc lines).

Similarly, there will almost certainly be free on-street parking within about 5/10 minutes walk of Ruislip Gardens and South Ruislip (Central) stations.

From the direction you're coming, I'd suggest trying Hillingdon first, then heading towards Ickenham, then West Ruislip, Ruislip then Ruislip Manor. (It gets progressively harder to park after that heading towards central London.)

Thanks PM for the traffic news. You were absolutely right unfortunately i didn't read it until i got back. Uxbridge station is better hidden than saddams WOMDs and it cost feckin' 16 to park there. That's nearly as much as the tickets.

The athletics was fantastic. Great atmosphere in a wonderful stadium.

It was quite emotional and very humbling to watch.

Highlights were Richard Whitehead's 200m win and the cheers for the guy from Burundi when he finished his 1500m heat.

I'll put a few pictures up later.
Plastic Man

It's a shame that you didn't post of your quandary earlier. 16 quid to park on the edge of London is hard to take.

It's worth bearing my suggestions in mind for future use, say if you ever wanted to go to Wembley.

That part of London isn't just "my manor" colloquially speaking, it is actually part of "my Manor", literally. You would have been welcome to park outside the Manor house, but as the grounds are so extensive, it is so far from the road, you might as well have parked at home.

I haven't followed the Paraolympics that much but yesterday I saw the running event in which the women taking part were blind. They had fully sighted guides running alongside them but feckin hell, that takes some bottle to belt around a track unable to see. 10/10

Start of the 200m.

Richard Whitehead, as he's a double amputee, has to go from a standing start rather than blocks. He's in lane 5

He was last after 100m and went through the whole field in the second half of the race.

More here

NBC were awarded the rights to the Paralympics in the US and chose not to show any live coverage.

The closing ceremony was scheduled to be shown live (on one of their less well known cable channels), but was delayed so that viewers could enjoy a crap sitcom first.

US TV is entirely driven by ratings and advertising. Presumably disabled people aren't pretty enough for American media tastes.

Fair comment.

I loved the paralympics, they're like some kind of super humans aren't they?

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