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Panorama - The Battle for British Islam

Chanced on this last night. I think John Ware has produced a balanced and timely short documentary. Good work JW. I didn’t think the BBC still had the balls for this kind of brave and honest programming. Thankfully it seems there is a sea change approaching in which the language of cowardice AKA Political Correctness is slowly being eroded by frank discussion about the massive elephant in the room.

Je Suis Dock

As you was watching that I was enduring Broadchurch

Heyho wrote:
As you was watching that I was enduring Broadchurch

Re: Broadchurch. I always thought it looked good on the adverts. Never watched it though. Is it baba?

I'm not a great Tennant fan to be honest. Goes into my wooden actors list alongside Tomkinson
Late Doors

First series of Broadside was ace. Moody and simmering and a satisfactory ending. I was hoping that by cow towing to the sponsors they would not be shoe horning some preposterous suppositions  and plots into it in order to string out a second. Alas it seems that's exactly what they have done.

As for the BBC prog i haven't seen it but presume they will be saying it's way past time we as a mature secular country exposed and applied our laws towards bigotry, discrimination, racial hatred, supremacy and slavery towards all our people and aggressive religious dogmas. If that causes offence, tough, they'll have to work out how to live with that. I also hope they will be saying that this country discarded religious legends and folk stories from our laws and civil processes five hundred years ago in order for democracy and freedoms for all to thrive and its time everybody else here did the same. Will watch it later

Watched that C4 documentary about far right supporters last night.

Pretty scary to be honest. Firstly for the idiot far rights (Millwall supporters of course) and also the radical Muslims.

The far rights argument being the fact they were  English born and bred (one had Irish/Italian parentage and another Turkish lol) so all Muslims should be chucked out. Durrrr have the forgotten (don't want to think) most are as British as them.

But just as bad was the Muslim radicals with their chanting of 'your sons and daughters will all be Muslim, Britain will be Muslim'.

Got me thinking if the far right actually put their efforts into just targeting these radicals and supported the vast majority of the decent muslim community we might get both sides wiping each other out. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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