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Painful Lives

I was in T'Waterstones today (as good a place as any to spend a dinner hour) when I noticed in the Biography section, a sub-section called 'Painful Lives'. Curiosity/ general fucking noseyness got the better of me so I had a gander and nearly all the books were memoirs of people who had been abused as children or had been in abusive relationships.

I've seen this books in supermarkets before but never in a section dedicated specifically to this kind of subject. Each to their own like but they don't interest me in the slightest. I can understand people who may have been through similar experiences taking some comfort from reading them, but I cant imagine talking with somebody and they say "How's that book going Dock?" and I go "It's ace, especially the bit where the Dad waits until the Mum is asleep and tiptoes across the landing", I mean FFS! I could never personally find that entertaining or educational. It must sell well if it has its own section in a bookshop. Anyway, that is all.

So then, any Reggies who are partial to a bit of 'Painful Lives' light reading?

Otherwise known as Grief Porn

How's that book going Dock?

bearing wrote:
How's that book going Dock?

It's ace. Forum Index -> Fishy Tales
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