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Late Doors

Overseas players in the Prem

Don’t think we’ve had one of these so whose your favorite overseas players that have graced the Prem. Who’s had the biggest impact? Who’s elevated our game, who’s brought it down. Ronaldo for instance has produced moments of astonishing brilliance but his other antics to me has made him a net worsener

My top five in no particular order would be

Tony Yeboah

Not since Alan Clark have I been so confident with a Leeds United Striker . Possibly too short lived to be nationally acclaimed but by golly his star shone brightly albeit briefly for Leeds Utd. Wonderful movement off the ball, balance, composure and every finish known to mankind in his locker. He made me believe

Dennis Bergkamp

After a dodgy start he turned into a real top drawer quality footballer. A team player, intelligent reader of the game, quick thinking but not particularly pacey. His brilliant anticipation made him space wherever he went on the field and he had a fantastic awareness of what was around him, Great on the ball and a fantastic finisher

Thierry Henry

The finest striker the Prem has seen if you ask me. Not just a great player but a thrill to watch his movement on and off the ball. Devastating pace but bags of control with it. He and the ball seem to be magnetized together until he jettisoned it. A great team player as well, always spotting a team mate in a better position and passing, I count myself very lucky to have seen him live so many times (maybe not when he and his team were running us ragged at the time)

David Ginola

Totally disinterested when he didn’t have the ball but when he got it I remembered why I loved football in the first place. The man just glided over the grass with ball around opponents and towards goal. His crosses were almost always pin point and shots on goal always on target. He was like an effortless exotic fish gliding through the current.

Eric Cantona

‘spose so, he weren’t bad was he ?
Plastic Man

Gianfranco Zola.

He could, and frequently did, turn games on their head by moments of inspired vision, genius and tactical nous, and was equipped with extraordinary skills necessary to execute them.

A top bloke and an honourable gentleman to boot.

Thyssen and Muhren.
Bobby Robson's love of Dutch football helped create an Ipswich team that played some of the best football I've ever seen.

Non Leeds, I loved watching Paolo Di Canio.
Nyles O Cranium

Kewell for a while

And a few other Leeds heroes, for any other club they're just the opposition bastardoes aren't they?  

Ardiles and (to a lesser extent) Villa for Spurs. I always thought Ardiles was the most modest of players, on and off the pitch - no surprise he turned out to be a hopeless manager.

Always liked Asprilla. Great player and fantastic lazy cartwheel goal celebrations.
Late Doors

Some good shouts, Yeah Asprilla, he was dazzling on the ball. We nearly signed him tha'nos Forum Index -> All other football
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