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Outer Dark - Cormac McCarthy

“With full dark he came forth, a solitary traveler going south. He walked all night. Not even a dog spoke him down that barren road.”

A brother and sister in turn of the last century Appalachia. A baby is born between them in secret. The story starts just before the birth of the child and then segues between the story of the sister (Rinthy) and her brother (Culla). This is such an original tale and one that leaves you with the dual feeling of being a bit edgy but also fulfilled as a reader because its just so well written.

The dialogue is written in this strange Anglo-American vernacular that I could read and read forever. McCarthy has the very rare knack of giving you only a few descriptive words and then letting your imagination flesh out in full technicolour a woodland scene or a barnyard. He puts you IN the book. I could write and write about CM but none of it would do him the praise he deserves. A great storyteller and I thoroughly recommend this book. Fantastic writer!
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

another fine literary preview brother Dockster  

Sir Bulldog Craggwood wrote:
another fine literary preview brother Dockster  

Ta Dawg! Its a bit of a short review as I think any further description of the story would hinder any future reader. I think CM's stories are to be experienced and found out. He's not very conventional and probably not everybody's cup of tea but worth a look by anybody who enjoys well written books. A few fans on Reg namely Leb and Butts. There maybe more of em'. I just wish his books were longer, but then its the old leave-em-wanting-more feeling you get at the end of his books as most of them are only a couple of hundred pages each. I'd love him to write a big doorstep of a novel. Forum Index -> Fishy Tales
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