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Oriental City, Roseville Road, Leeds

Diagonally across from the New Roscoe, above the Chinese supermarket. You go behind the building and into the small car park and up the stairs to the side of the shop. As you go through the doors, the room expands into a very large area with an elevated seating bit, deceptively spacious.

We've been here quite a few times since this opened up, including the excellent dim sum during the day. Six of us went tonight and tried the 'special' Christmas set meal for 25 ph and it was excellent as usual.

They'll throw in some of the off-piste hot pots as a substitute for the usual fare if you ask them nicely, which we did, the highlight being an unctous stew of belly pork and othet knobbly bits in a dense broth with weird looking cabbage and other greens. Really salty and dangerously moreish.

We also had scallops and mange tout which came with crispy garlic and ginger which contrasted beautifully with the silky scallops and veg and which was perked up with some fiery red chilli.

We also had the crispy duck (you have to) and the best salt and pepper spare ribs I've ever had. The hot and sour soup makes your eyes water.  

Nicely off-hand service, great atmosphere, highly recommended.

Ace, think I'm going there next week. Always thought it was a strange place to put a restaurant.

They also do an early menu before 7pm I think which is great value - came to less than 25 for two.

Didn't do Oriental City in the end, went local to 'Sweet Basil' in Oakwood as it's in wobbling distance. A bit old fashioned but they did best Thai green curry I've ever had, top drawer.
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

was there just tonight as chance would have it

they were all over the place tonight and far from there usual high standard

everything took an age to arrive, we cancelled the ribs they were taking so long

when the mains arrived they were only warm and I had to ask several times for my tea and later coke

however the bosslady explained they'd had a problem getting enough power into the ovens and it made things take twice as long

the result was without even asking or complaining she knocked 50% off the bill

so we were quite happy in the end

if i now suffer severe food poisoning i'll let you know

dont get me wrong - its probably my fave Chinese in Leeds these days and the food was still nice when it arrived - just took forever and not that hot

Went there a few times when it was the Fortune River (guaranteed to see Jimmy Savile) but haven't been since it changed hands. Forum Index -> Plankton and Water
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