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On The Snap Brian Case

Read a nice short - too short book of remembrances and reflections from the career of Brian Case who I'd not heard of before, Jazz writer mostly for Melody Maker. Things he recalls from interviews with Jazz musicians, Crime Writers and Actors.

He writes good, really good. Those sentences that are economical but expansive in what they reveal. On a photographer he meets, I'm paraphrasing here about them been from similar backgrounds but that the photographer's family were poorer," fewer rooms, more in the bed."
I wish I could write like that. Six words but you start to build a mental picture out of them that's so much more.

I know nothing of Jazz but I recognize a few names, Ellington, Blakey, Chet Baker. Throw in Richard Harris, Norman Mailer and it makes for a good read. Nice little anecdote about a group interview with Jack Nicholson - knew he was a smoker, six interviewers, Case got in early, binned the other ash trays and kept one in front of him. Jack sat there and it became a one on one.

Lovely book but over too soon.
Late Doors

Ha, crafty, the ash tray stunt. Artists  and the like didn't seem so briefed either back then about what to say or not to say in interviews. These days it's all been put through the legal and commercial pasteurizer before it ever gets on screen or to print. Forum Index -> Fishy Tales
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