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Sink or Swim
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Rugby League's Brian Noble
Jane Torvill & Christopher Dean
Dock Double: Derek Fowlds & Billy Hartman
Tom Georgeson
Christopher Godwin
Ben Crompton
Jenny Agutter
Tom Courtney
Peter 'Hooky' Hook
Lloyd Cole
David Batty and Cousin
Jade Goody
Terence Edmond
natasha richardson
Ali Bongo RIP
Peter Mullan
Lofty from East Enders
Elizabeth Taylor
Richard 'E' Grant
Geoffrey Smith
Miss Whiplash Dead
Miss Brahms - Dead
Bill Frindall RIP
Billy Powell R.I.P
John Martyn RIP
Tony Hart.
Friaša (RIP)
Two Stooges
RIP Phil Lynott
Oliver Postgate R.I.P.
Mitch Mitchell
Levi Stubbs R.I.P
Paul Newman dead
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