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Not only
Alan Whicker
Never in the same room.....
Bernie Nolan - Dead
Bobby Bland - Dead
Iain Banks
Emma Harrison
James Gandolfini - Dead
Sir Henry Cecil
Tom Sharpe
Graham Walker
Mick McManus RIP
Brian Greenhoff
Alan Turner - Dead
Ho di Ho
Lad with loads of bushy hair from Waterloo Road
Ray HarryHausen RIP
Richie Havens - Dead
Storm Thorgerson
Ian Rush - Living Legend
The Ritz Ballroom RIP
Uncle Monty RIP
Alvin Lee - Dead
Peter Scott RIP
Chelsea star
Ewald von Kleist - Dead
Derek Batey - Dead
James Herbert -Dead
Captain Peacock - dead
Jason Molina - Dead
Another pit closed
Clive Burr - Dead
Man United's Treble Season
David Yip AKA The Chinese Detective
Tom Maynard
Richard Briers -Dead
Paul Reaney
Cecil Womack RIP
Reg da Presley
Fontella Bass - Dead
Christmas Booze
Calm down dear..........
Quincy ME RIP
Run free...
Stories about famous people being nice/nasty
Robert Endecott - Writer and Leeds Fan
Ravi Shankar - Dead
Sir Patrick Moore
Virgil Tracy
Who Shot J.R.?
Jack Duckworth - Dead
Dads Dunn dead
A very good friend
Freddie "The Boxer" Flintoff
Jimmy Saviles Mate
John Oaksey - Dead (MCR)
Pilot Whales
Hal David -Dead
Max Bygraves - Dead
Neil Armstong RIP
Tony Scott R.I.P.
Eddie Gray
Sid Waddell R.I.P.
Brian Deane and Nicky Montgomerie
Gaynor Barnes
Gore Vidal - Dead
Teofilio Stevenson R.I.P.
Maeve Binchy - Dead
Eddie Yates - Dead
Brian Hibbard - Dead
Dr Who Companions
Simon Ward - Dead
Sir Alistair Burnet - Dead
Ernest Borgnine -Dead
Eric Sykes - Dead
Lonesome George
Daniel Caines
That bloke off...
Fahrenheit 451?
Donald 'Duck' Dunn
R.I.P. Bee Gee
Angus Loughran
Donna Summer R.I.P.
Dwight Yorke
Levon Helm
Bert Weedon
Aaron Lennon
Liz Kershaw
Jocky Wilson
Bean's on toast
John Cundy
John Motson and Peter O' Sullivan
David Moorcroft
This Monkees Gone to Heaven
It's the way he told em
Ian Botham
Whitney Huston - Dead
Ben Gazzara R.I.P.
Angelo Dundee
Phil Jupitas
Etta James R.I.P.
I'll have an R.I.P. Bob
Celebrity Deathwatch 2012
This Monkey's Gone to Heaven
Gary McAllister
Kim Jong-il R.I.P.
James Anderson
Mark Charnock
Christopher Hitchens RIP
James Thornton
Ross MacManus - Deceased
Xmas presents
Socrates RIP
Douglas and anon. mouse
Ken Russell RIP
Ed Balls
Daryl powell
awkward arses
Peter Roebuck
Jimmy Adamson
Joe Frazier
Clive Owen
Now then, now then. Er, then actually
Gaddafi - Dead
Betty Driver AKA Betty Turpin - Dead
Donald 'Ginger' McCain
Kaiser Chief geezer
Sir George Martin and Lady Judy Martin
Robert Robinson
Dick Strawberry
Lucien Freud
Lord Harewood
Simon Brint
Peter Falk
Peter Falk
Sheeps at Micks book signing
Jason Donovan
Gil Scott-Heron
Suzanne Mizzi R.I.P.
MarK Addy
A friend
Osama Bin Laden - Dead
Henry Cooper
Marlon King
Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane) R.I.P.
Chocs away
mike scott
Geoff Bell
daren clarke
graeme mcdowell
Sidney Lumet
Eddie Stobart - Dead
Only RONALDO mate!!
Ajmal Shahzad
Elizabeth Taylor
Fred Titmus
Geoff Hoon
Jet Harris RIP
Big Jack
Robbie Savage
Smiley Culture RIP
Esther Rantzen
Loose Women
Leslie Silver
Graham Shaw
Gary Moore
Lass that Sheeps went to school with - Dead
John Barry - Dead
Penny Tweedie
Son of Lebowski
Sheeps - Dead
Gary Mason - Dead
Mick Karn RIP
Gerry Rafferty R.I.P.
Pete Postlethwaite - Dead
Pete Postlethwaite RIP
Bobby Farrell RIP
Captain Beefheart RIP
Ryan and Arnie Sidebottom
Brian Eno
Surely he's not dead...
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