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Life in the fish bowl
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Mate just light it
Vivian Vivian
Strange Coincidences
Tetleys has gone - a sad day for the City of Leeds
Virus alert
Deal or no deal?
Best Served Cold
I couldve been a judge but i never had the latin....
Handmade meat
M1 or A1
Losing weight
New wave photo's
War is hell
Do you have a licence for that?
The lotto way of thinking
Stanford Super Series
From Ramat Gan to Moscow
I May be gone sometime!
Get To The Top With Gibberish
I'm feeling generous
I Saw Mommy Kissing..........
Chance of a lifetime
Kids today
Changing a lightbulb
Exploding snake.
Sits vac
Virtual murder
*starts thread*
Blair handsomely rewarded by military/industrial complex
Getting his hand back in
Barg it out
Mr Chairman
Brand and Ross
Political Correctness
Bored while shopping?
Is it.......
A crappper band by half (or a quarter)
Husband of the year awards
And finally..................
Hirsute priapic media whore in Nazi obscenity scandal
Reptiles stuck to carpet
On line storage
paxman vs McGuiness - balls of steel
paxman vs galloway
How many eyes for a gorilla?
The time....
World staring contest final
Think Tank Anthem
Dear Jim can you fix it for me?
They've got rotten teeth
Yellow Line 'fiasco'
A public service announcement
Flying Forum
Advice on Making a Difference
Job for Craggwood
New Job
Talking of The Beast - here's the Daily Beast
Free sex lessons
Day off
FAO Sheeps
Brimful of NASA
If Star Wars Was Set in Barnsley
Lloyds adverts
Noel Edmunds dead
Heavens Above
The sun
At Leeds? In Leeds?
Big fish
Latch Key Kids
Look Away Cragwood
The difference between boys and girls
International waters
On this day
Beach stolen
Odd Shoes
How to ride a London bus
Bollocks piss and pooh
A personal message from me to you
Ar'kids kid.
Sofa adverts
Tips to beat the credit crunch
Hey everyone!!!
You & Yours thing
Tree Man
Amazon Vine - The Best Things in Life are Free
Emailed jokes
Should there
Wintersett Reservoir
Straplines and web space
Avatar Blues, HELP BEARING!!!!!!!!!!!
Grunt, Bearing, Clacks my Ringo response.
Youre Shi'ite aaaah!
Fish knife
Haven't got all day
Tis' the T'Season
Trap-jaw ants propelling themselves into the air in slow mot
Bitter and Twisted
First Contact
Brain Surgery
Health tip needed
Emily Maitlis
A wise Human at last.
Sarah Silverman
Blair in lies shock
F.A.O Fartcatcher
Hear Ye, Hear Ye
Your Choice Troops.
Faroe Islands 1-0 Austria: Lokin (46)
Empty your inbox
Death of a Nazi lover
Meet up.
Sweaty Gonads Tip
Cleaning Tip
Are you the mysterious...
Human marvels
Holiday Camps
Best political blogs
Flesh Eating River Monster
Obama on Conservapedia
The new coins
Quiet in here
Cooking Tip
Rambo No.5
Will Ferrell's landlord
Gosh, thats extreme
'Lord' Sebastian Coe
On the tram
Leeds Match
Liverpool Airport
My very Own Hill
A friend of Ours
Free guitar lesson
MTV Crabs
Scouse Fireman Sam
Too Many Good Threads
Annoying bloody people
Top tips
Ooo - errrr.
The lady
Naughty Skangaroo
I bring yet more good news!!!!!!
Thats big of you.
Emoticon of the Month
School Dinners
Pins and needles
Jim Morrison
Well done Bearing!!!!!!!!!!!
Your old LP's
Fish Tank Dreams
Great site
They shopuld have this
When i'm not posting
New chockers
Rugby League
Aware of yourself
Voice warp
Just Checking
Gary Stringer
My boys
My Heart is Bleeding
Would we
4 Weeks old
Where are you?
Advise on Lap Tops please.
Favourite Road
He's back!
Writing a will
Small cruel world
Screwed Up
Sir Ian Blair
I don't know
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