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Coast to Coast
Otis Redding Doc, tonight BBC4 9pm
10 o'clock live
Sky Atlantic good bits
Banshee, Sky Atlantic.
Well since my baby left me.......
Nathan For You
Pitman Painters, Bradford Alhambra
Chris Ramsey, City Varieties via Sam's Chop House
The Voice New Series
More Hard Hitting Gritty Northern Drama
Bowie on Beeb4 last night
The Ben Show, The Jeselnik Offensive, Nathan For You
BBC4 tonight
The West Wing Box Set
Blondie: One Way or Another
Parks and Recreation
Charlie Bookers Weekly Wipe
House Of Cards
Rutherford and Son. Dean Clough Halifax
Please Please Me.......
Wish You Were Here
Three films I have watched in the last few months
Black Mirror series two CH 4
Gang Rumbles
Danny Bakers Great Album Showdown
Dreams of a Life
Great Night Out
The Genius of Invention BBC
Django Unchained
Trespassers will be tied up with piano wire SORRY, SORRY
The Following
Presidential Inauguration 2013
Why the Industrial Revolution Happened Here
Savile the film
This looks like CUTTING EDGE drama
Simon Amstell - Numb
Olympic Superstars
Have I Got News for You December 21st
Look Through Any Window: The Hollies from 1963 to 1975 SkyAr
American Horror Story - Asylum
The War on Britain's Roads
Dennis Wilson - The Real Beach Boy BBC4
Seacroft Film Premiere of Tyrannosaur Thurs 6th Dec
Wages of Fear
The Toilet - an unspoken history
Jack Dee. Halifax Vic
Crossfire Hurricane 10.15pm Sat 17Nov BBC 2
The Thick Of It
War Horse
Michael Palin in Brazil
Dave Davies: Kinkdom Come
Danny Bhoy, LBT Huddersfield
Wish You Were Here photobook
The Plane Crash
Welcome to India
Magical Mystery Tour Night BBC2 Tonight
Mark Watson LBT Huddersfield
Romanzo Criminale
Fairport Convention
Good Cop
Here Comes The Summer: The Story of The Undertones
Here Comes the Summer
A Touch of Cloth
Ian Hislop Goes off the Rails
Shaun the Sheep
For those who don't read
The Newsroom
Quadrophenia night..
Alan Partridge: The Places of my Life
The Secret History of Our Streets
Rock of Ages
The Tree of Life
Punk Britannia
Very Important People
The Quality Clips and Stuff Thread
8 out of 10 cats
The Kidnap Diaries
Grandma's House
Southern Rock Night on BBC4 TONIGHT Fri 13th April
Love's Labour's Lost, West Yorkshire Playhouse
The Bloody Fucking Titanic
One Night
The Syndicate
Just came across this and
Want to watch it, now.
Best TV themes
At Long Last! (MCR)
Worst tv theme tunes
Dirk Gently
The Shining by Stanley Kubrick 1980
The Ronnie Wood Show
Patrick Monahan Huddersfield LBT
Old Jews Telling Jokes
Key and Peele
Dad's Army
Death Of A Salesman, 1985 film
Inside Men
The Woman in Black
Billy Connolly
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Baba.
Death Row Dogs
Invisible. Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield
Big Society - City Varieties
Master Chef 2012
Something to get stuck into
Once Upon a Time
The Twilight Zone, original TV series starting 1959
Archer - season 2
The Artist
Public Enemies
Twenty twelve
Luck (MCR)
Trade Test films
This is England 88'
Imagine: Books - The Last Chapter?
Public Enemy: Prophets of Rage
Educating the public
Lifes Too Short
The Reverend
Britain's Greatest Codebreaker
tintin film - is it any good?
George Harrison documentary
Simon & Garfunkel: The Harmony Game
Shit you'll own up to watching
Pro Master Chef
Murder on a Sunday Morning
We are Three Sisters - LBT Huddersfield
Cinema: The Childhood Wonder of
Broken Time LBT Huddersfield
Licence fee, value for money?
Holy Flying Circus
Suspicious Circumstances
McDonalds ad filmed in T'Huddersfield
The Hunt for Tony Blair
Deadly 60
Inside Out Special: Who Owns Leeds United?
Tinker, Tailor etc.
King Lear - West Yorkshire Playhouse
An Idiot Abroad 2
The Debt
"Bugger this, I'll come back in an hour"
Childrens T.V
Burke and Hare
Sixty Six
Am I The Only One...
Page Eight
Days Of Heaven
Plan D - Private Plane (Blackadder Goes Fourth Episode)
Source Code
Super 8
rise of the planet of the apes
tim spall on a boat
see glimpses of geoff_bell on tv on tues and wed
Stanley Kubrick's Boxes
How Hip Hop Changed the World, Tonight CH4
The Lovely Bones
Cars 2
The Round Up
Horrible Histories
Him off Top Gear (who nearly died) and the earth
The Hour
Botham - The Legend of 81 BBC 2 Last Night
Flickering Lights
Dragons den
Twenty Twelve
Cool short film
Evita at Leeds Grand
The Apprentice
Alaska State Troopers
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