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Notes of Blue - Son Volt

For god knows what reason I've never kept up with Jay Farrar's career after Uncle Tupelo, tending to follow his ex-band mate Jeff Tweedy's Wilco more. This is a solid (albeit quite short) album that is worth your listening attention if you like any kind of Americana-country-bluesy-roots music. It's stripped down stomping blues in the vain of Jon Spencer or R.L. Burnside* with some country leanings topped off with Farrar's unmistakable canyon-deep vocals. Every song is class. Basically Farrar and his excellent band have thrown loads of styles in barring the kitchen sink, added a pinch of fuzzy fucked-up guitar sound and hey presto, a great album.

* As I'm not a blues aficionado forgive me if, to those with more of a blues knowledge think its sounds fuck all like the two artists I mentioned. But to my ear it reminds me of them. Especially the tempo of the blues tracks.

Late Doors

Twat, after all my out pouring on t'other thread as well welcome back pal.

Son Volt. He da man alright and bang on with the influences along with older stuff. Funnily enough ive just put the expanded version of Trace on my tunes. Highly recommended along with the new one here Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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