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A five hour journey followed by an adverse reaction to an internet curry purchased by RJ didn't put me in a particularly positive frame of mind. Call me old fashioned, but I like to at least see the premises in which my meal is being prepared. When you order it over the internet for all you know it could have been cooked in a roach-infested cellar. Four shits in five hours Saturday a.m. testified to this being highly likely.
I'm also far too old to sleep on a couch.

Anyway on to the match.

There was a bit of an end of term party atmosphere to it. Nice to see two teams going for goals right from the start (well one anyway). A lot of skill in the Norwich team - particularly that young lad Murphy.

I know it's not fair to criticise a guy who has scored 29 goals, but I will anyway. Wood has great feet, but he's crap in the air. He got under a couple of decent crosses from Ayling early on. He reminds me of Peter Crouch - he just lets the ball bounce of his head rather than attacking it.

His goal changed the game though. They'd have got booed off by some of the more unruly elements otherwise.

Although the defence was ripped to pieces first half, I hope we can retain them all - although I'd pick Taylor over Berardi, who is very limited going forward.

It would be nice if we could bring on Hernandez as a specialist kicker for set pieces. His free kick was perfect, but I saw him dob out of a couple of 50/50s. He doesn't relish the 'physical' side of the game.

Individually or collectively, the midfield has gone missing too many times this season. Perhaps we should put them on steroids like these rugby players and tell them to crash into players and bowl them over.

I hope Monk stays. I think, given what he started with, and the players at his disposal, we've over-achieved. Thank god Zola fucked up at Birmingham, otherwise I reckon he'd have been on his way to ER.

This is Norwich's equivalent of Phil Hay giving his verdict on the game. But much more entertaining.

He'd be on 40 if he wasn't scared of putting his head into it. Shame for such a big bloke.

Lucky Leeds.

Didn't deserve a point, Norwich were far the better team.

I forgot to mention - the vicar at church at the top of Wesley Street sells very nice burgers at 2.50 a go. I said I'd give her a bit of free publicity.
Late Doors

If he could Head the ball as well as he gets into good positions and finishes he'd be Andy Caroll. Then if he had pace he'd be Lukako. That's what we get players with limitations but Wood has been outstanding this season. At the start of the season I thought we'd use him as some kind of long ball target man which filled me with dread. Thankfully that didn't happen. The supply to him has been decent but the actual bodies in the box support has been terrible and that's why we finished where we did. A disappointing end to a very decent season though. If we don't bat on this summer it will all be for nothing Forum Index -> Leeds
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