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Nomad by Alan Partridge

He's back! This time with a travelogue. Not the plains of Mongolia, or the Alaskan wilderness, not a chance! The poster boy of North Norfolk Digital is walking from Norwich (where else) to the Dungeness Nuclear Power Station in Kent. He has entitled his pilgrimage: The Footsteps of my Father. It had me wiping tea from the end of my nose after involuntarily jettisoning the aforementioned beverage down my nostrils whilst reading it. The quality level is what we've come to expect from Steve Coogan. Its an absolute treat!

For any fan of AP's last book, this is a cracker!

Late Doors

Sounds great. the words "The Footsteps of my Father" has already got me chuckling


Late Doors wrote:
Sounds great. the words "The Footsteps of my Father" has already got me chuckling

Apparently it was published in October but I just happened to chance on the hardback in Smiths a couple of weeks ago. I haven't heard or seen any publicity for it. I picked it up and read the inside leaf of the dust jacket and I was laughing. Managed to get it on Kindle in Amazon's festive 'Twelve Days of Kindle' sale for 1.66.

Some of the usual suspects are mentioned, old associates like 'Oddie', and AP's nemesis 'Edmonds'. Some interesting wildlife observations too. Seagulls = "Jackels of the sky".
Late Doors

Jackels of the sky. Ace, should be in my birthday sack hopefully along with the Johnny Marr book
Frazier Cranium

I heard recently, from an ardent Partridge fan, that this is really poor.  Must admit, I got the first 'autobiog' AND audio version but I don't feel the urge for more Partridge in my life just yet, feels like a dead horse being flogged a bit too much.

Hope I'm wrong like

Comedy is all about personal opinion isn't it. I couldn't agree less about the flogging-a-dead-horse comment. A couple of years ago I thought AP might be getting towards the end of its tenure but the last two TV platforms on Sky Atlantic 'Mid-Morning Matters' and 'The Places of My Life' have been excellent. I recently watched an interesting hour long programme in which the comedian John Bishop interviewed Steve Coogan about his life and, of course, AP. Coogan said that he felt that because Mid-Morning Matters is basically two or three cameras in a tiny radio studio without any gimmicks or the famous catchphrases there was, as an actor, nowhere to run. And that every single acting nuance had to count and I personally couldn't agree more. I think Coogan has breathed new life into his oldest and most popular creation, and I think the comedy transfer's brilliantly to the printed word. The pace, wordplay, and wit really entertained me in both his first AP book and this one.
Late Doors

Steve Coogan is the consummate contemporary media artist. Everything he does he puts thought, care, craft and his genius into it. He can't do any wrong for me. That may be blind worship but until he does otherwise that's what it'll be. Personally I've seen no evidence of him flogging any Partridge, moribund or otherwise but I'll read the book with as open mind as I can
Frazier Cranium

All opinions as you say, I was reporting someone else's as I haven't read Nomad.

I bloody love Coogan but not as an author, he should be on the screen more, not on the page

I will likely just get the audiobook and then I can't complain and I'm sure I'll squirt a bit if not fully wet my undercrackers.
Frazier Cranium

Just looked on Amazon, it gets generally v good reviews and plenty of them, averaging about 4 out of 5 stars.  A few 1 star reviews which are TBF er fair comments.  Here's some celeb reviews though, they're not going to slate it now are they?

Overwrought, fanatically detailed, unhinged - and utterly hilarious. A must. (Alice Jones i News)

Funniest book of the year (Sunday Telegraph)

Bathos is everywhere. It's glorious. (Sam Leith The Guardian)

An uproariously funny read, with genius jokes on every page (Heat)

Partridge fans will love it (Financial Times, Books of the Year)

[Nomad] is, if you need me to tell you, hilarious (Choice)

Alan Partridge's NOMAD is almost certainly the funniest book ever written (Caitlin Moran)

Sensationally funny. What brilliant writing. (Richard Osman)

Hilarious (Jon Ronson)

Brilliantly funny (Marcus Brigstock)

Sensational (Jenny Colgan)

"Aha, aha, aha." Grind
Frazier Cranium

Uhu uhu uhu - Gluey

I did quite like this review given on Amazon....

Top Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars
Bravo My Partridge (slow clapping)
By I AM MICK on December 10, 2016

Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase

Shakespeare, Keats, Dickins and Partridge. No that's not a brilliant law firm. They're all Great British wordsmin, and they've all written books.
Footsteps of my Father is a poignant journey by foot (feet), Alan's feet, across somewhere in East Anglia.
I assume he completed it. I'm only halfway through the book right now but I'm past the pictures.

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