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Nocturnal Animal

An 'interesting; film this one.

Firstly the opener - three huge BBW's totally naked (fanny and all on show) dancing around erotically. Grotesque and actually nothing to do with the film at all except the main character is an artist. Simply put in to shock and not needed.

But once you get over that and have cleared up the sick the film is actually quite well done. Basically the main character is asked to proof read her ex husbands book and the film takes the form of scenes form the book (fictional?) plus her real life issues plus flash backs to her past.

Actually worth a viewing, just fast forward the fist 3 minutes

* Wonders what BBWs are. *
Late Doors

*feels relieved it's not just me*

Google it with safe search on


It's not dirty or owt. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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