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Night Walks - Charles Dickens

This was a very thoughtful pressie from Mrs. D at Crimble. Penguin have published a range of famous essays by public figures entitled 'Great Ideas'. Among them are the writings of Lenin, George Orwell, Sigmund Freud, and Winston Churchill to name a few of the hundred writers that have been chosen.

Of course for anybody who has had the pleasure of reading Dickens fiction they will know of his opinions on class and an unfair society. This is the main crux of Night Walks. For a period Dickens suffered from insomnia so he decided to spend nights walking long distances around London to tire himself out. Of course London has changed radically since Dickens lifetime but many of the main arteries that he walked along and over are still there so for anybody who has an idea of Londons geography it's easy to travel back a hundred and odd years with Charlie D to see what it was like.

The chapter titles include 'Wapping Workhouse' and my favourite 'Chatham Dockyard' in which Dickens brings to life the anthill-like industriousness of the building of a warship by engineers and carpenters.

One thing that I always take from reading a Dickens book is that there are still in our so-called 'Modern' times the same social injustices that there were all that time ago. In one passage in this essay Dickens comments whilst wandering around Covent Garden in the early hours that it would be a much better world if the care that was taken in growing and harvesting the vegetables waiting on carts for sale later that morning, was given to the children sleeping underneath the carts, we would as a society be doing a better job. Couldn't agree more Mr. Dickens.

After reading this I will certainly look at CD's other journalism.
Frazier Cranium

That is fecking ace write up Dock, thank you.  I will read these tales one day.

A modern day equivalent would be much shorter surely?

Once again I find my self unable to sleep. Once again I find myself walking the night time streets of London. Once again I find myself waking up in Casualty. Success? By some standards I suppose so; I just wished I didn't have to get mugged to enjoy, if that's the correct term, a few hours sleep these days. Forum Index -> Fishy Tales
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