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Late Doors

New Top Gear

Couldn't stand the previous show with JC and that little turd although the May guy was alright I thought.

Cars are not my bag but as with much of classical music I can appreciate them and when they are good they are very very good. Evans and Le Blanc however, I like so tuned into the new series. Yeah, Ok. Typical Evans, manic and needs to settle down but once he does he'll be fine. I thought Le Blanc carried the show. Dunno what the petrol heads thought though.

Difficult one for them isn't it. Tried and tested popular formula. Try changing it radically and the critics will slate you. keep it mainly as it is and the critics slam you and compare you to the previous lot.

Having worked in the motor industry for many years, I tend to avoid programmes about cars. Not as boring as Formula 1
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

Le Blanc is a class act

Evans needs to just take it easy - he's doing too many shows and will burn out again

Can't help feeling all the stunts and gimmicks have been done before - how long before someone dies in these japes? Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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