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Never gonna dance

Oh George

Wham! - never saw that one  coming.

RIP George Michael

Still has more talent than Andrew Ridgeley.

I guess he finally made it to the edge of heaven.

I have a very tacky extra one, but there's no need for it.

RIP George
Frazier Cranium

Saddened by this news.  Well TBH most human beings are sad when someone famous, popular or who they know dies.  Didn't like much of George's music or his persona but what a voice he had, and he made a lot of people happy.


Great singer and songwriter. And from the early accounts emerging in the media, a very altruistic bloke. An ex of mine had the 'Ladies & Gentlemen' compilation of his mainly later stuff after Wham. Pretty good album.

Re 'most human beings are sad when someone famous or popular dies'. I can see where you're coming from Codge but I'd argue it's not the kind of sadness or grief that floors you and can make you burst into tears in public. I've never felt like that about somebody who I never met. It's a diluted sense of loss if somebody I admired, but never met, dies. I'm personally not 'sad' about it. I might be splitting hairs here, but they are honest hairs.

Another one gone. I suspect that out of the public eye he did a lot of good stuff.

Never a big fan of his music but appreciated the talent behind it.

Listening Without Prejudice is a good album, came with the wife. He sounds like an all round good guy from the stories that are coming out. What I find heartening is the vast majority of the general public don't give a fuck he was gay and they're rounding on the media handsomely on this point via social media.

If Mike Scott or some other credible song writer had written this people would be saying it was amazing.

And I've had some great drunken times dancing and singing with happy go lucky girls and boys in plenty of pubs and clubs to the likes of Wham, ABC, Modern Romance. Pop music wasn't it, it's meant to be fun.

Wham were just that. A fun pop duo. Never really into George's music but his voice could bring up goosebumps sometimes, particularly some live stuff like a duo with Elton John performing Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me..

Another troubled talent who seemed to lose control and allow his preferences and choices to become very public and  fodder of the redtop rags. Forum Index -> Sink or Swim
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